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Our Philosophy

Faith Investment Services, LLC was founded in 2002 by James D. Kraatz and Stacy A. Calder. As Christians and financial advisors, we wanted to combine our industry knowledge and faith to help people reflect their values in their investments and financial strategies. Passionate about helping people pursue their goals and purpose in life, we enjoy working closely with our clients over the course of many years, offering education, guidance, frequent communication, and community events.

We believe that before money, goals, and financial planning, there must be faith. This is the foundation of the philosophy by which we work:

F - Focus: We focus on you and your individual goals, not the markets. We never ask you to make a decision while sitting in our office. Instead, we ask you to go home, pray about your decision, and only return to us once you feel comfortable and confident.

A - Anchor: We want to serve as your wealth advocate, offering guidance as you navigate the many milestones of life. We want you to turn to us for any of your financial questions or concerns.

I - Independence: As an independent firm, we want our clients to understand that their needs always come first; we don’t have any proprietary products and believe our clients deserve strategies that are as unique as they are.

T - Teacher: Rather than just serve as a financial professional, we seek to serve as a teacher. We want our clients to understand their investments so they can take an active role in their finances.

H - Honesty: Above all, we adhere to a high level of ethics, only offering honest insights and unbiased financial solutions.