Investments That Reflect Your Values

We are a financial services company uniquely dedicated to the needs of the community. Our impressive array of strategic partners provide us with valuable resources that we use to help families, businesses, churches and ministries better utilize the financial resources God has given them.

Our finances should be the natural result of the direction we take our lives!

We believe that before money, goals and financial planning, there must be FAITH. Faith is the most powerful phenomenon in human history because it precedes every great accomplishment.

Our mission is to equip people with the ability to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. We accomplish this through education, communication and excellent service by constantly striving to exceed the expectations of the people we assist.

Faith Investment Services, LLC is comprised of registered representatives who can offer you the option to reflect your values with your finances through morally directed investing. As a full-service firm, we have the tools and resources to direct the least complex to the most complex of portfolios by offering a variety of investment resources.
Morally Directed Investments

F Focus – We are committed to seeing our clients finish their financial race rather than being the first to cross the finish line. By this we mean we focus on our client’s goals and objectives, not the immediate performance.
A Anchor – We are here to be your financial compass as you navigate your financial waters. Whether it be a strong economy or weak economy, we remain unchanged in our customer service and education.
I Integrity – We believe in adherence to a moral code reflected in the harmony of what we think, do and say.
T Trust – We strive to develop a relationship of confidence, character and ability before presenting a financial solution.
H Honesty – We have a commitment to deliver to our client’s unbiased recommendations based on what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.